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"I always wondered how people could say. " I love you" to people they don't even know, but now I realize that we all knew each other well a long time before. We're really just finally meeting up with old friends. "
-A young woman

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Funny things Hailey has been saying

-- LOOK! My tongue is dancing.

--Hailey taking Jason's temple recomend says: I'm going to get married in the temple.
   Me: REALLY. thats great to who?
   Hailey: To Jesus
   Me: oh yeah
   Hailey: Yeah he loves me!

-- I needed a bigger plate because I am getting bigger

--Mom, Angels watch over you

--Driving down the road we just started talking about the sky and Hailey pointed and said" the sky is splitting"

--Calling Grandma Marcum-no answer so it went to voice mail. I heard the beep so I told Hailey to leave a message- she said "no" took the phone from her ear and started to push buttons and said "I want to text"

-- Dad to Hailey: "You are such your mothers child"
    Hailey: No I'm Not"
    Mom: You are too my Child"
    Hailey" No!"
    Mom: What you think your my teenager?
    Hailey " I'm your teenager"

--Hailey: I'm I two?
   Dad: No your 3 :)
   Hailey: No I don't want to be 3 again I want to be 30~ big fit...

--Me: Hailey come here please i need to wipe your nose
   Hailey: No! the monster is sleeping (her booger)

-- Me: How did you sleep Jason
   Jason: alright how about you?
   Me: I slept  like a rock
  Hailey: I slept like a banana rock

--Me: Hailey slept in
  Hailey: I did not sleep in I slept out



Kayleen said...

haha! I love the things little kids say. so cute!

Carrie Wood said...

Oh, that girl is hilarious!!!